Empower Ontario Seniors

Bonnie Crombie with Seniors

A Better Future for Ontario’s Seniors 

Ontario’s seniors deserve unwavering support and recognition for the invaluable contributions they’ve made to our province. We owe them our very best effort to ensure that Ontario is the best place to live for everyone at every age. 

Yet Doug Ford and the Conservatives continue to fail our seniors. The pandemic saw nearly 4,500 seniors lose their lives in Ontario’s long-term care facilities. Soaring rent, high-interest rates, and the rising cost of living have caused many seniors with fixed income to be on the verge of homelessness.

Access to homecare services remains a distant dream for most seniors, forcing them into institutionalized care in hospitals or long-term care facilities. Those grappling with mobility issues face exorbitant expenses when attempting to make their homes more accessible.

As a caregiver of a senior – my mom – I know that a competent and compassionate provincial government can do much more to support seniors to age gracefully. As Leader, I will take concrete action to make Ontario a place where seniors feel truly valued, connected, and supported. Here are some of the ideas I’ve heard from you on how we can protect our seniors:

Help seniors live independently 

  • Implement measures to alleviate the financial strain on seniors who live on fixed income or are burdened with medical expenses by boosting the Guaranteed Annual Income system (GAINS) and Ontario Seniors’ Care at Home Tax Credit. 
  • Invest in home accessibility grants, build supportive housing units with wraparound services, and develop Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs). 

Help seniors live a healthy, active and socially connected lives 

  • Implement our comprehensive healthcare and mental healthcare plans that guarantee homecare, enhance oversight on long-term care facilities, and ensure equitable access to mental health and wellbeing support. 
  • Expand accessibility to homecare services to allow seniors to age gracefully in their own homes through boosting the Ontario Caregiver Tax Credit and expanding access to house calls by healthcare providers, 
  • Create a dementia care network for the 200,000+ Ontarians living with dementia by investing in existing memory clinics and expanding team-based geriatric clinics.
  • Promote the development of recreational and community programs to combat isolation and connect them to the digital world. 

Help seniors live with dignity

  • Support municipalities and public transit agencies to develop age-friendly options that allow seniors to complete trips timely with comfort and flexibility.
  • Prevent seniors from fraud and abuse by enhancing investments in the Seniors’ Safety Line and launching a consumer protection program. 
  • Enhance awareness among seniors about Powers of Attorney to help them make informed choices on who can make personal care and financial decisions on their behalf.

I continue to travel the province and want to hear from you. Do you have an idea? Email us.