Make Life More Affordable 

A Blueprint to Grow a Resilient, Prosperous, and Inclusive Economy

While traveling through Ontario, I often ask people if they feel better off after five years living under Doug Ford and the Conservatives. From Kenora to Kanata, Timmins to Toronto, the resounding answer is “no.” 

Rather than a comprehensive, evidence-based long-term plan to bolster our industries and support small business, Doug Ford and the Conservatives rely on piecemeal strategies and federal subsidies. 

The Conservatives are driving talent, investments and affordability away from this province. Only Doug Ford’s friends are getting richer. It’s time for us to drive this Conservative government away from Queen’s Park. 

As Mayor, I’m particularly proud of my work attracting significant economic growth and investment to Mississauga, and want to bring that same energy and leadership to all of Ontario. 

Should I be elected Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, I will work with businesses, labour advocates, economists and entrepreneurs to develop a plan to boost our economy and put more money back into your pockets. Here are five major areas I’m hearing from you: 

Support small businesses and drive regional economic growth

  • Adopt a ‘small business lens’ to streamline and modernize regulations and service to increase business competitiveness and entrepreneurship.
  • Review current tax credits and loan programs to ensure the taxes paid by small businesses do not stifle their ability to innovate or employ local labour. 
  • Promote private sector investments in broadband and ensure publicly funded broadband is expanded rapidly so rural, Northern and remote communities can participate fully in our economy. 
  • Enhance two-way, all-day frequent and electrified GO Train service to reflect modern working patterns and to connect workers with jobs, education and recreation. 
  • Expand GO Train service to London, Peterborough, Orangeville, and Caledon to create jobs and connect southern Ontario’s labour markets.
  • Accelerate Indigenous reconciliation by increasing participation, procurement and economic opportunity for Indigenous people in planning, construction and maintenance of new and existing energy, infrastructure, mining and other relevant projects. 
  • Address disruptions from construction projects on local businesses through construction mitigation plans.
  • Foster regional economic growth in northern Ontario in conjunction with our Northern platform. 

Growing the workforce of tomorrow and supporting our workers today

  • Promote skilled trades, support union-led training, apprenticeships and mentorships, and collaborate with employers and post-secondary institutions to develop flexible reskilling, upskilling, and micro-credential programs. 
  • Increase the representation of women and historically marginalized communities in skilled trades, technology, and other high-growth sectors through mentorship, training, and affordable childcare services. 
  • Implement the Building Better Business Outcomes Act and Pay Transparency Act scrapped by Doug Ford and the Conservatives requiring job postings to include salary ranges, banning employers from asking about compensation history, and ensuring large companies publish pay gaps by gender.
  • Remove barriers to interprovincial labour mobility.
  • Expand Francophone immigration in Ontario, reducing barriers to foreign credential recognition, and attracting and retaining skilled labour in high-demand sectors.
  • Incentivize recruitment of people with disabilities and strengthen Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
  • Deliver career exploration initiatives to address labour shortages in urban, rural, Northern and Indigenous communities.
  • Develop a bill of rights for gig workers that ensures transparency in compensation and enables workers to better advocate on their own behalf.

Leverage clean technology and ensure access to reliable, clean, and affordable energy

  • Cut the corporate tax rate on manufacturers of zero-emissions technologies to make Ontario the lowest effective corporate tax rate in North America for cleantech manufacturing.
  • Accelerate the rollout of electric-vehicle-charging infrastructure and reinstate incentives on the purchase or lease of non-luxury electric vehicles. 
  • Support energy-efficient home upgrades to make homes energy efficient, climate resilient, and keep the electricity and home heating bills low. 
  • Double waste diversion rates, combat plastic pollution and support our circular economy.
  • Develop the Ring of Fire and other critical mineral-rich areas, in collaboration with Indigenous communities per our Northern platform
  • Electrify mining operations, reduce environmental impacts on nearby communities and advance innovation in the mining sector.
  • Grow the hydrogen economy and energy storage systems.
  • Invest in low-carbon technologies such as renewable natural gas, small modular nuclear reactors, carbon capture, storage and utilization technologies for hard-to-abate industries. 
  • Ensure availability of clean, reliable, and affordable energy in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.

Championing Ontario’s brand, jobs, and investments 

  • Boost the Ontario Job Creation Investment Tax Credit to incentivize productivity and growth in the manufacturing industry. 
  • Empower Ontario’s forestry and natural-resources sectors through innovation, technology and stronger Indigenous partnerships in conjunction with our Northern platform. 
  • Support trade-exposed industries such as auto manufacturing, steel and mining to drive innovation, job creation and community revitalization.
  • Unlock Ontario’s life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals industries by expanding access to capital and tax incentives, advancing public-private partnerships, ensuring adequate funding for commercialization, and protecting IP.
  • Support agri-food businesses in conjunction with our agricultural policy
  • Develop workforce strategies for advanced manufacturing, technology, agri-food, tourism, hospitality, culture and other high-growth, low-carbon sectors.  
  • Support our tourism, hospitality, sporting and cultural industries who showcase the best of what Ontario has to offer at home and around the world. 

Strengthen the social-safety net, empower workers, and enhance affordability 

  • Boost the Low-Income Workers and Families Tax Credit.
  • Double the current rate of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). 
  • Expedite recruitment and retention for early childhood educators to ensure parents can access $10 per day childcare faster. 
  • Introduce a refundable tax credit to help offset the cost of enrolling children in after-school programs. 
  • Increase the Student Nutrition Program funding by 30% so students can learn in a healthy environment.
  • Repeal Bill 124 and negotiate collective bargaining agreements in good faith. 
  • Lower utility bills for low-income households by indexing Ontario Electricity Support Program credit amounts, and the income brackets that determine eligibility.
  • Index Ontario Works to inflation.
  • Restore Seniors’ Home Safety Tax Credit and boost the Guaranteed Annual Income System (GAINS) payment and eligibility. 
  • Reinstate the Basic Income pilot program to understand the cost and benefits.
  • Implement my robust and comprehensive housing plan to make life more affordable. 

Do you have ideas to help rebuild our Party and province? Email us at